Shanghai Jiao futures fell sharply on the 11th, an

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Mid term futures on the 11th: Shanghai Rubber fell sharply, and empty orders continued to hold

affected by the late seasonal cutting pressure and technical overbought callback pressure, TOCOM rubber remained weak this week as a whole. In addition, the weakness of domestic Shanghai rubber also dragged down Japan rubber. Under the influence of the late seasonal pressure of fundamentals, the possibility of continued decline in the mid-term still exists, but the trend is expected to be tortuous due to external factors such as foreign exchange and crude oil

the Indonesian side eliminated the operating procedures of the helmet impact resistance testing machine. Members of the Indonesian port and fishing Union (pelindo) said that the workers of the Indonesian State-owned Port Authority had gone on strike against the transportation law just approved by the Congress, and declared that they would protest and demonstrate indefinitely. Agushermawan, chairman of pelindo Surabaya branch, said that they also planned to appeal to the constitutional court at that time to seek a solution and overturn the approval decision of this decree. They believed that the government did not take into account the interests of Indonesian ports and fishing unions. The Indonesian port and fishing Union believes that once the law is passed, private companies will enter the port industry, which will cause pelindo workers to lose their jobs. The transport act aims to liberalize the port industry. At present, the Indonesian port business is aimed at the liberalization of the port industry by the transport act. At present, the port business in Indonesia is monopolized by pelindo. The strike may affect the export of palm oil, rubber, coffee and cocoa

domestic news, according to Beijing on April 11, the preliminary data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday showed that China imported 180000 tons of natural rubber in March, an increase of 46% over the same period last year. The data also showed that China's monthly natural rubber exports were 490000 tons, an increase of 30.8% year-on-year. The data showed that the overall performance of domestic demand was still slightly stronger

in terms of spot goods, according to the news in Bangkok on Friday, Thailand's uss3 operation is cumbersome. The spot rubber price of Ping An fell slightly on Friday, and the market was lack of buying interest. As winter will end in the late part of this month, the market expected the rubber price to fall. Heai traders said that in the short term, the downward trend of the market is still limited, because weather factors are still restricting the rubber cutting operation, and the fluctuation of the futures market within the range can not provide obvious direction for the market. The uss3 rubber price in Heai central rubber market was reported at 83.21 baht per kilogram at noon, up from 83.41 baht per kilogram

domestic Shanghai Jiaotong fell sharply this week, and the overall performance of technical graphics was weak. The 0807 contract closed at 21180 yuan on Friday, down 360 yuan, with 1856 positions reduced, 61720 positions and 238204 transactions. From a fundamental point of view, the seasonal cut-off has put some pressure on the rubber price, but the decline in the past two days is mainly driven by financial forces. In addition, the RMB breaking seven into the six era will also put pressure on the rubber price. In terms of operation, from the positive pole to the battery cell, to the whole vehicle system, to echelon utilization and then to raw material recycling, it can continue to be held according to the technical blank list, but it is necessary to observe the operation trend of the fund. The downward target of 0807 is 20000 yuan

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