The hottest rubber industry in Lincang has begun t

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The rubber industry in Lincang has begun to take shape.

the rubber industry is a traditional characteristic industry in Lincang, Yunnan Province, such as collider. After nearly 60 years of development, the rubber planting area and total output of the city have begun to take shape, second only to Banna and Pu'er, ranking third in the province, and has become one of the main production areas of natural rubber in Yunnan Province

at present, the rubber planting area in the city reaches 1.009 million mu, involving 7 counties (districts) (except Fengqing County), 18 townships (towns), 3 state-owned farms, and 141 The low-temperature incubator adopts an air-cooled fully closed tightening mechanism to cool 0 village committees, 30832 rubber planting farmers, 138900 people; The rubber cutting area is 389000 mu, accounting for 39% of the total area. The dry rubber users do not need to change) the output is 43000 tons, the output value is more than 700million yuan, and the per capita income of rubber farmers from rubber is 510 yuan; There are 25 primary rubber processing enterprises and 9 rubber production enterprises above designated size; There are 5 rubber planting technology promotion service institutions, and the main varieties introduced and promoted are RRIM600, PR107, GT1, Yunyan, Yunyan, etc

the highest yield per plant in a small area of team 16 of Mengding farm 3 in Gengma Autonomous County reached 8.36 kg, with a yield of 209 kg per mu, setting a national regional record for the highest rubber yield per unit area. Polycarbonate was used; There are 5742 rubber trees and 147 Mu rubber plantations planted in mengsa farm of Gengma County, with a single plant yield of 1 0 kg, setting a world record for the highest altitude and single column yield of productive planting of natural rubber. Ten enterprises have successively developed 678000 mu of natural rubber in northern Myanmar relying on alternative planting projects. At present, the cutting area is 210000 mu, and the annual output of dry rubber is nearly 20000 tons

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