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The rubber industry in Yunnan Province is facing four opportunities

in the future, China will remain the largest importer of natural rubber, and the rubber in Yunnan Province has been producing high and stable in a large area for more than 10 years

learned from the provincial Economic Commission yesterday that if we seize the opportunity, "the Eleventh Five Year Plan" will be the best development period for the rubber industry in Yunnan Province

the rubber industry is expected to rise in the future.

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the first reason why the provincial Economic Commission is optimistic about the development prospects of the rubber industry in Yunnan Province is that by 2009, the global natural rubber market will continue to be in short supply, and its price will rise significantly

according to the international rubber research organization's recent global production forecast of natural rubber, the world's natural rubber production this year is 9.0111 million tons, of which the top three annual rubber production are 3.2 million tons in Thailand, 2.215 million tons in Indonesia, and 1.193 million tons of inorganic materials, inorganic fiber materials, organic high molecular material fibers and other new materials in Malaysia. The medium-term production and sales forecast of natural rubber in the world shows that the world's natural rubber output will increase to 9.687 million tons in 2009, with an annual growth rate of 2.4%; However, in 2009, the global consumption of natural rubber will also increase to 9.915 million tons, with an annual growth rate of 3.7%. Among them, China's total rubber consumption is very huge, with a target value of 5million tons by 2010

rubber has become a highlight project in Yunnan Province

"in the next few years, the market at our door will be very huge!" According to the analysis of the provincial Economic Commission, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the rubber industry in Yunnan will face at least four opportunities: first, China is not only a large producer of natural rubber in the world, but also a large importer and consumer of natural rubber, with a self-sufficiency rate of less than 1/3. At present, China is in the rapid development period of industrialization, the rubber industry will continue to maintain a strong trend, and the demand for rubber will continue to grow; Secondly, natural rubber in Yunnan Province has been listed as one of the 10 advantageous industries in the province and has entered the scope of integration and reorganization of key industries. Yunnan Province has also clearly included the natural rubber industry in the biological innovation project as a "bright spot" project for building a strong green economy province; Third, Yunnan rubber has a large area of high and stable production for more than ten consecutive years, which has reduced the cost of chromatic harmony and has a competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets. As of 2005, the natural rubber in the province has been put into production, with a rubber cutting area of nearly 139600 hectares, and a total dry rubber production of 240300 tons, accounting for about 40% of the total national output; Fourth, the implementation of the national policy of exemption from taxes on agricultural and forestry products of natural rubber production

the rubber industry in Yunnan needs to be integrated

the output of rubber in Yunnan is not small, and there are as many as 134 processing plants, which can accurately evaluate the future mass production benefits, but there are few advantageous enterprises with good benefits and large scale. In this regard, the relevant departments of Yunnan Province suggest: take the advantageous enterprises as the leader, and gradually integrate and buy back the existing processing plants through government guidance and market means, so as to maximize economic benefits and enhance the comprehensive strength of Yunnan rubber industry; Actively implement the "going out" strategy, take advantageous enterprises as the leader, introduce powerful enterprise groups, and put the loading handle at the unloading position to carry out various forms of mutually beneficial cooperation and expand the scale of resources; Adjust the product structure, based on the development of new products and the promotion and application of high-tech, strengthen the deep processing of products, and improve the market adaptability and grade of products

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