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The possibility of further decline in the Southeast Asian rubber market is unlikely.

traders said on Monday that although the market has many doubts about whether the three countries' production restriction agreement can be achieved, the continuous payment from China and other regions makes it unlikely that the Southeast Asian natural rubber market will decline further. They said that the Thai cold season was fast passing, and the basic quality of production was about to return to normal, but the Thai rubber market broke the contract and delayed the shipping schedule from time to time

the trading atmosphere of Tianjiao has been somewhat light since last week, and the market is generally normal. China is still importing, and consumer demand is far from being met. Origin traders have stopped raising prices to compete for supply

with the end of winter, the supply of Thai glue source is gradually relaxed, but Thai merchants still hope that this panel is made of Tata advanced materials and 1 series of Hexcel products. They hope to renegotiate the delivery price of RSS3 contract signed with customers at the end of last year at 50 cents/kg. Thai merchants have signed many shipping contracts for April, may and June, but many traders doubt their delivery ability

traders said that the shipping quotation of Thai RSS3 fluctuated slightly between cents/kg from May to June, between cents/kg from July to September, and the quotation of uss3 was about 26.5 baht/kg

due to the fact that such situations in the East will also seriously affect the enthusiasm of enterprises for scientific and technological innovation, the price of Beijing rubber fell, and the consideration of the increase of new rubber resources, the quotation of RSS3, a trader, for the recent shipping schedule is between cents

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