The hottest natural gas production hit a new high

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On March 19, the National Bureau of statistics released data showing that crude oil and natural gas production fell and rose in 2017. Affected by many factors, such as the international crude oil market and changes in domestic oil production and production conditions, domestic crude oil production fell. Driven by relevant environmental protection policies and the "coal to gas" project, the demand for natural gas is strong; In addition, the price of natural gas for non residents has been lowered, the enthusiasm of enterprises to use gas has increased, and natural gas production has continued to grow rapidly

a person in charge of the National Bureau of Statistics said that affected by relevant policies such as the opinions on accelerating the use of natural gas, the 2017 work plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas, as well as the replacement of coal consumption reduction, and the full promotion of the industrial and civil "coal to gas" project, domestic natural gas consumption demand is strong, driving the rapid growth of natural gas production

in 2017, natural gas production was 148.03 billion cubic meters, an increase of 8.2% over the previous year, and the growth rate was 6.5 percentage points faster than the previous year; Compared with 2012, the output increased by 37.43 billion cubic meters, with an average annual increase of 6.0%. In 2017, the import of natural gas was 94.63 billion cubic meters, an increase of 26.9% over the previous year; The ratio of import volume to domestic output increased from 0.4:1 in 2012 to 0.6:1. Natural gas imports continued to grow rapidly

in terms of crude oil production, in 2017, the crude oil output was 191.51 million tons, a decrease of 4.1% over the previous year, and the decline was 2.8 percentage points narrower than the previous year

crude oil processing volume in 2017 was 570 million tons, an increase of 5.0% over the previous year, and the growth rate was 2.2 percentage points faster than the previous year. Tortuous intensity of refined oil - in terms of production in the tortuous experiment, gasoline, kerosene and diesel increased by 3.0%, 6.2% and 2.4% respectively over the previous year. After removing thallium B and C, since 2015, the number of local refineries that have obtained the right to import crude oil and the right to use imported crude oil has increased for two consecutive years, and the share of local refineries in crude oil processing has continued to rise. The cleaning method of Jinan gold testing tensile machine is high. In 2017, the crude oil processing volume of non-state holding enterprises accounted for 14.9% of the total, an increase of 1.8 percentage points over the previous year

the head of the National Bureau of Statistics said that according to the data, the crude oil processing volume increased steadily. With the domestic new refineries put into operation one after another, do not easily disconnect the power supply, the crude oil import of local refineries increased, and the crude oil processing volume and refined oil production increased steadily in 2017

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