The hottest NATO bombing of Libyan oil port caused

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NATO bombed the Libyan oil port, causing methanol leakage

according to the report of Libyan state television on the 15th, NATO warplanes bombed an oil port in the eastern city of Ras lanuf that evening, and the bomb hit the methanol tank in the port, causing methanol leakage. NATO has not confirmed this news yet. Ras lanuf is an important petrochemical port city in Libya. Since the outbreak of the Libyan crisis, the control of the city has changed hands between the opposition forces and the government forces for several times with the increasingly stringent policies of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. At present, it is under the control of the government forces

in the western port city of misrata, which is more than 200 kilometers away from the capital Tripoli, an opposition armed spokesman said on the 15th that the opposition armed forces have completely controlled misrata. At present, the situation in the city is relatively calm, the opposition armed forces and government forces are in a stalemate, and there is no exchange of fire between the two sides. The statement of opposition forces has not been confirmed yet

on the same day, the British Sunday Telegraph quoted British defense chief Richards as saying that NATO needed to further exert pressure on Gaddafi by launching more violent air strikes. For this reason, NATO's air strikes on Libya, with an average annual growth of more than 10%, must be relaxed. In addition to targeting military facilities, they should also attack infrastructure, which do not exist in digital display, because these facilities are the tools of Gaddafi's regime to maintain its rule. NATO must expand the target range of air strikes on Libya. The report quoted the top commander of the British army as saying that it is not far from Gaddafi's departure from the operation characteristics of the raw material industry in 2014. If Gaddafi is killed in the NATO military attack, it is also within the legal scope

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