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Natural gas distributed energy faces three challenges

since this year, a large number of natural gas distributed energy projects have emerged and entered the substantive development stage. 2015 is regarded as the "first year of natural gas distributed energy". Compared with the centralized energy supply mode, natural gas distributed energy has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and good security. Industry experts believe that natural gas distributed energy is a useful supplement to the existing energy supply system. The coexistence of centralized and distributed energy supply is the development trend of the industry. The 13th five year plan also proposes to develop distributed energy. At present, the development of the industry is still facing many difficulties. The key breakthrough of natural gas distributed projects still depends on the market-oriented reform of energy prices and the strengthening of legal protection

natural gas distributed energy has entered the substantive development stage

at present, whether residential or factory heating, natural gas heating generally refers to large-scale heaters for centralized water heating. In recent years, a new type of heating method has become increasingly popular, namely distributed heating - self built boiler heating

take Qingdao Metro as an example. On November 6, three direct fired turbines in Qingdao metro control and operation center began to heat 85000 square meters of space in the whole Metro building. Unlike the central heating used in residents' homes, the distributed energy used in clean energy stations can heat a single building, which can effectively reduce pipeline losses

in China, natural gas distributed energy has entered a substantial development stage. Huang Wei, Secretary General of the Distributed Energy Professional Committee of China Urban Gas Association, said that according to the data collected so far, more than 100 projects of natural gas distributed energy are under construction, and the overall data of this year's project will be released early next year. By the end of 2014, China had built 82 natural gas distributed energy projects, 22 projects under construction and 53 projects under preparation, with an installed capacity of 3.8 million KW

Huang Wei said that although natural gas distributed energy has been proposed many years ago, 2015 is called the "first year" when natural gas distributed energy entered substantive operation, which marks two points

first, more central enterprises began to set foot in natural gas distributed energy, and the entry of giants has formed a good driving effect. Since 2015, CNOOC, China Southern Power, PetroChina, Guohua Power, China Guangdong nuclear power and other companies have deployed natural gas distributed projects

second, the integrated energy supply system based on natural gas distributed energy is being promoted, which means that the industry can achieve sustainable development. In the future, the application of natural gas distributed energy will be mainly natural gas, but it will also be supplemented by solar energy, wind energy, thermal power, etc. The purpose is to ensure the stability and efficiency of energy supply

take the "Pan energy micro" project in Langfang, Hebei Province, which was put into operation in May this year as an example. This project was implemented by ENN group and officially awarded as a national standardization demonstration project by the National Standards Commission. Distributed natural gas projects account for a large proportion, but they are not the only source of energy. Based on the existing equipment and regional load, this project integrates natural gas distributed energy, solar energy and other clean energy technologies to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Energy suppliers can also trade heat and electric energy with each other, so as to finally realize the safe scheduling, optimized operation and convenient trading of multi energy, and fully release the multi-dimensional value of energy, facilities and trading

why is distributed natural gas project so important? Chi Guojing, Secretary General of China Urban Gas Association, said that there are many types of distributed energy. Compared with solar energy, wind energy, biogas, etc., natural gas distributed energy has a wider range of applications, higher comprehensive utilization efficiency, and broad application prospects. In the future, centralized and distributed natural gas energy projects will coexist, and the latter is a useful supplement to the former

the industry ushers in three opportunities

the report of China Urban Gas Association points out that at present, about 10% of the total power generation of countries in the world comes from distributed energy. Although the current market share of China's natural gas distributed energy is still very positive, the so-called "thousands of taowanluo" is hard and small, but we know the characteristics of three materials: for example, facing three important opportunities.

first, the reform of natural gas prices is advancing day by day. The development and Reform Commission announced that from April 1 this year, the price of natural gas stock gas and incremental gas will be officially merged, highlighting the country's determination to accelerate the market-oriented reform of natural gas. The Central Committee on the "13th five year plan" The planning proposal also clearly proposes to reduce government intervention in price formation, fully liberalize the prices of goods and services in competitive fields, and liberalize the prices of competitive links in power, oil, natural gas, transportation, telecommunications and other fields. On November 18, the development and Reform Commission issued the notice on reducing the price of natural gas valve stations for non residents and further promoting the market-oriented reform of prices. It is noteworthy that the Shanghai oil and gas trading center, which plays an important role in the reform of natural gas prices, will enter official operation in December

secondly, the policy environment is improving day by day. Since the publication of the guiding opinions on the development of natural gas distributed energy in October 2011, China has received policy incentives for natural gas distributed energy projects across the country. At the end of 2014, the national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the rules for the implementation of natural gas distributed energy demonstration projects, which improved the management procedures for the review and application of natural gas distributed energy demonstration projects. Encouraged by the central policy, all localities have issued relevant rules. Since 2015, Changsha has allocated a budget of 30million yuan per year for the development of natural gas distributed energy projects and related industrial chains. It is expected that 20 natural gas distributed energy projects will be built by the end of the year, with a total installed capacity of 800 MW. The annual natural gas consumption is more comprehensive, with an annual power generation of 4billion kwh

third, "interconnection" provides an opportunity for the development of the industry. In July this year, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on actively promoting the "interconnection" action, which pointed out that developing "interconnected" smart energy, promoting the flattening of the energy system through interconnection, and promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption patterns. The guiding opinions specifically point out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of distributed energy network, realize the timely and effective access of distributed power, and gradually build an open and shared energy network

industry experts pointed out that the significance of "interconnection" for distributed energy lies, on the one hand, in encouraging private institutions and capital to carry out "entrepreneurship" of distributed energy, on the other hand, in realizing energy data sharing through interconnection, so as to make energy utilization more optimized and efficient. The above-mentioned "Pan energy micro" project in Langfang, Hebei Province is a regional smart energy system based on "interconnection", which can achieve energy efficient transmission, trading and sharing

development still faces three major challenges

at present, the actual development level of natural gas distributed energy is far from keeping up with the planning. In 2011, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the guiding opinions on the development of natural gas distributed energy, which proposed that about 1000 natural gas distributed energy projects should be built during the 12th Five Year Plan period, but only one tenth of them have been completed so far. According to insiders, most of the completed projects are also at a standstill due to problems such as power integration, efficiency or technology

fengjianghua and other experts from China Energy Research Center said that the development of natural gas distributed energy industry faces many challenges

first of all, legal obstacles still need to be overcome. Although many policies encourage the development of distributed energy, Article 25 of the electricity law stipulates that "power supply enterprises can only set up one power supply business organization within the approved power supply business area, and the power supply business organization can only operate after applying to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for a business license with the power supply business license". This makes it very difficult to add new power supply entities. Power production enterprises do not have the right to directly supply power to end users, and users do not have the right to freely choose power suppliers. For example, Beijing gas building and natural gas distributed project could have supplied heat and power to the surrounding buildings, but due to the restriction of the electricity law, it has no right to supply energy, wasting 2/3 of the energy output

secondly, the lack of overall planning mechanism makes it difficult to coordinate the interests of relevant subjects. Although the development of natural gas distributed energy is conducive to the operation of electricity and meet the needs of rapid growth, each construction of a distributed energy station is equivalent to competing with power companies for customers. The inability of both sides to coordinate infrastructure investment and direct power supply mechanism has become a major obstacle to the development of distributed energy

third, the degree of marketization of natural gas is insufficient. The basis for the scale development of distributed energy in the United States is that the development of shale gas has greatly reduced the gas price, while the degree of marketization of China's natural gas industry is not high. The monopoly system has led to the integration of upstream and downstream operations, distorting the market price and the relationship between supply and demand. The high price makes the existing natural gas distributed energy projects uneconomical

in this regard, experts said that to encourage the development of natural gas distributed energy, we should gradually break the legal barriers, establish the supporting system and mechanism of distributed energy, unremittingly promote the market-oriented reform of natural gas prices, and provide reasonable fiscal and tax support, so as to create good conditions for the development of natural gas distributed energy

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