Can the hottest diatom mud break through the sky

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Can diatom mud break through the sky

can diatom mud break through the sky

April 24, 2014

[China paint information] in the wall decoration industry, if paint is the young lady of big 2 and peek medical devices, then diatom mud is a little Jasper. This pure natural, functional and healthy ecological wall material has only risen in the Chinese market in recent years, and has been developing for some time in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and its development momentum in the Chinese market is irresistible, It is also related to changes in China's market environment, policies and regulations

although diatom mud has entered the vision of coating people, many people still have a vague understanding of this new thing. In fact, diatom mud is an indoor decorative wall material with diatomite as the main raw material. It has soft and porous texture, and has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, adjusting humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, fire prevention and flame retardancy, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization. Diatom, the raw material of diatom mud, was originally a microorganism in the sea. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, it formed a diatom mineral, which was formed on the land after changes in the earth's crust. In other words, diatomite is a mine on land, not dug up from the seabed

because diatom mud integrates functionality and artistry, it not only has powerful environmental protection function, but also forms a three-dimensional surface texture, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust, and meets the needs of people with high quality of life, so it has become a new generation of interior decoration materials to replace wallpaper and latex paint. Many people in the industry are very optimistic about the prospect of diatom mud. In addition to the ingredients hyped by manufacturers, it is also closely related to the increasing attention of ordinary consumers, enterprises and the state to ecological environmental protection

diatom mud Market: the prospect is promising

the harm caused by house decoration pollution is often seen in the newspapers. In China, the problems of environmental pollution and ecological imbalance are becoming increasingly serious. More people are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and reducing pollution, which is reflected in the wall decoration of houses, that is, they will tend to choose products with environmental protection, low VOC and low formaldehyde, and the price factor is no longer the first. Therefore, the prevalence of the concept of health and environmental protection has made diatom mud, which claims to have the functions of environmental protection, self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization, popular

on the other hand, the state also adheres to the scientific concept of development at the policy level, green buildings, Green villages and towns and other standards. 3. The loading rate should be accurate; The introduction of and the implementation of various environmental protection policies have guided the related decoration industry to the path of ecological environmental protection. However, there is still a certain distance for China's coatings to achieve complete water-based environmental protection, which gives diatom mud a new development space. Just because it has a more environmentally friendly function, it will be more popular in the future market

moreover, the real estate market and home decoration market, as the upstream of the wall decoration market, are still developing well. Coupled with new urbanization planning, renovation and repainting market and other factors, it is estimated that people engaged in the diatom mud industry will be happy. According to statistics, the new urbanization plan just issued, Farmers who settle in cities in 2020 will be fully included in the urban housing security system. Plastic news: the industry has accelerated the research and development of new polyurethane materials to a critical moment. Then, the housing demand of 100 million settled people will reach 3 billion square meters. However, if the remaining 200million people first enjoy public services, it will far exceed the housing demand of 6billion square meters in the past 10 years. With such data, can't diatom mud have a bright future

of course, we can't judge the prospect of an industry only by one factor. However, this can't reduce the confidence of relevant people in the future market of diatom mud: on April 15, 2014, China Building Decoration Materials Association officially issued the notice on preparing for the establishment of diatom mud materials branch, saying that it is actively preparing for the establishment of diatom mud materials branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association. According to the analysis of some experts, the time when diatom mud products were really used for wall decoration was about 2009. After 2010, due to the great publicity of the whole industry, the development speed was relatively fast in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Although the current popularity and market acceptance are far from being compared with other similar products, with the continuous improvement of Chinese cultural quality and environmental protection concept, as well as the continuous improvement of per capita income, It is expected that from 2015 to 2018, more and more people will pay attention to diatom mud, a aldehyde removing material, and the material cost and construction cost of diatom mud will reach a more mature and reasonable level in a few years. At that time, the customers of diatom mud will not only be some groups with high consumption, high culture and high environmental protection concept

analysis of the market trend of diatom mud

the market prospect of diatom mud is optimistic by many people because it has irreplaceable advantages compared with similar products for decoration such as paint and wallpaper. However, diatom mud is not perfect. Diatom mud also faces many difficulties when the market environment is not fully mature and policies and regulations have not been fully implemented

1. The advantages of diatom mud

first of all, diatom mud has a strong function of health and environmental protection, which is well known, and can play a functional role after construction, but the strength of the function depends on the use area of diatom mud and the release source of indoor harmful gases such as formaldehyde. The larger the area where diatom mud is used, the faster the content of formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the indoor air decreases. Generally speaking, you can stay safely in an hour

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