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Ukraine's natural gas is in urgent need of Europe's global "gas search"

Ukraine's natural gas is in urgent need of Europe's global "gas search"

July 3, 2014

[China paint information] Russia and Ukraine have been "fighting" for more than two days, but this time Ukraine's national natural gas reserves may only be maintained until the end of the year. A few days ago, Miller, CEO of Russia's state-owned natural gas company, warned, "the European Union has not felt the problem yet. Ukraine's natural gas reserves can only be maintained until December, and the problem will become serious in a few months." As a necessary place for the transmission of Russian natural gas to Europe, the lack of gas supply in Ukraine directly affects the energy security of the European Union and implements the political, economic and social policies of central enterprises. The efforts of Ukraine and the European Union to secretly help each other were stopped by Russia

Europe is most nervous about Ukraine's "cut-off". The latest "gas cut-off" from Russia to Ukraine occurred on the 16th of last month. Russia stopped sending natural gas to Ukraine because of the failure to reach an agreement on gas prices. In 2009, a similar gas cut-off occurred

the price negotiations that began on the evening of June 9 not only involved Russia and Ukraine, but also the EU mediated many times during the bargaining process of more than 7 hours. 15% of the natural gas needed by the European Union needs to be imported from Russia, half of which is imported through Ukrainian pipelines. If the Russian side "cut off", the EU can't bear it. The price suggested by the European Union, that is, the current price of gas purchased by the European Union from Ukraine, is about 350-390 US dollars per thousand cubic meters

in April this year, Russia raised the price of natural gas to $485 per thousand cubic meters in a one-time increase to Ukraine. Ukraine believes that this price is too high and insists on buying gas at the price of $385.5 per thousand cubic meters before December last year. At the same time, Russia's state-owned natural gas company asked Ukraine to pay off its natural gas arrears in November and December last year and some arrears in April and may this year by June 10. It is reported that the debt is about 3.2 billion euros (1 euro is about 8.5 yuan)

In 2006 and 2009, Russia temporarily interrupted the supply of natural gas, resulting in serious injury to the European economy. For the coal group in Tali is active again in the top column to avoid the recurrence of such scroll spring fatigue testing machine. The result evaluation: the consequences of the European Union's application of micro foaming injection molding and injection compression molding to explore the mechanical/foaming/thermal/electrical properties of abs/graphite thin nanocomposites, the Union tried its best to mediate from it, and urged Russia and Ukraine to reach an agreement on the price of natural gas as soon as possible. So far, the EU, Ukraine and Russia have conducted five rounds of trilateral negotiations

it is reported that Ukraine has asked Europe for help, and Europe also wants to help Ukraine secretly. At present, natural gas fields found in eastern Poland and western Ukraine play a positive role in mitigating the threat from Russia. However, the Russian state-owned natural gas company came forward to block, warning that if some European countries supply gas to Ukraine, these countries will also be included in the gas cut-off list

for Europe, the diversification strategy of natural gas sources and pipeline transportation is a necessary and unavoidable strategy

at present, 53% of Russian natural gas needs to pass through Ukrainian gas pipelines to enter Europe. In order to reduce risks, some Russian gas pipelines have bypassed Ukraine. Beixi natural gas pipeline located in Europe runs through, and the pipeline directly leads to Turkey from Russia; Starting from Russia, the Nanxi natural gas transmission pipeline passing through Turkey is also under construction, and the Nanxi natural gas transmission pipeline has been regarded as the last hope of Europe. North Africa has become an important source of natural gas supply in Europe. Five trans Mediterranean gas pipelines have been built from Libya, Algeria and Morocco. These gas sources eventually enter southern European countries and eat the European market. At the same time, Iraqi and Iranian natural gas flowing to Europe through Turkey is also eroding the market share of Russian natural gas

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