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The natural gas price reform has entered the countdown

the best reform impetus comes from the enterprise itself. Dongxiucheng believes that China's power sector has allowed enterprises to try bidding, but now even if the natural gas pipeline is taken out, the upstream gas source is still controlled by twoorthree companies, so it is difficult to achieve bidding

"natural gas price is the last fortress in the process of China's traditional energy price reform." Dongxiucheng, deputy dean of the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, said to. When the strongest price fortress faces the longest natural gas channel in the world, let it? Heye

dongxiucheng said that China's industrial sector is not particularly sensitive to the rise in natural gas prices; The production of agricultural chemical fertilizers is more sensitive to the price of natural gas in the chemical industry; Urban gas consumption is the most sensitive area to the price rise of natural gas

in the past, the competent departments used the strategy of different prices for different users of the same gas, with a larger amplitude adjustment for industries and other fields, and a smaller amplitude adjustment for urban gas use. "However, the adjusted price difference between the two should not be too large". At present, the domestic natural gas price is the city gate price formed by the ex factory price plus the pipeline transmission price, and then the end-user price is finally formed after adding the transmission and distribution fee. The ex factory price is subject to the government's guidance price, while the pipeline transportation price is a regulated price

as for the final distance between domestic and foreign gas prices, the distance between the markings is also different. Dongxiucheng believes that the price gap between them cannot be very large, otherwise it will cause market chaos. This means that the entry of foreign natural gas has to accelerate the domestic gas price reform. Gb/t 3098.12 (1) 996 mechanical properties of fasteners conical guaranteed load test of nuts. As for how to reform, in March this year, China has several sets of plans, such as weighted average pricing, one gas one price, up-down linkage and regional pricing

due to national regulation and other reasons, the price relationship of natural gas in China is very complex at present: different users of the same gas source have different prices, Different domestic gas sources are different. "This kind of long fiber injection process is an ideal choice for large-size, complex and thin-walled components. Different domestic and foreign gas sources have different prices. Although the state allows enterprises to have a certain floating space, there is little floating space. In terms of price management, dongxiucheng said that there is also a" segmentation "phenomenon. The ex factory price and pipeline transmission price of natural gas are under the control of the national development and Reform Commission, and the price after entering the city is under the control of local governments. In this context, dongxiucheng believes that China's natural gas price reform must pay attention to three points: first, the upstream, middle and downstream must be coordinated. 2、 The price of natural gas must be linked with the price of oil, coal and other energy. Dongxiucheng believes that this linkage is not necessarily implemented now, nor can it be achieved in one step according to the relevant person in charge of Minhou County Economic and Information Bureau, but this idea should be clear, and the gap between different energy prices should not be too large. 3、 The final selling price of natural gas from different sources at home and abroad in the same city should be the same

"how can we achieve the same price? The country must have a set of methods. The gate station price can be different, but the user price must be the same, otherwise it will cause public resentment." Dongxiucheng said that now urban pipelines are operated by cities as a whole rather than by sections, which makes the best price of natural gas from different sources unified

"natural gas price reform still needs some supporting measures, such as local government subsidies for urban residents." Dongxiucheng said

dongxiucheng believes that the biggest bottleneck in the development of China's natural gas industry is the price problem, and the reform itself is a relatively long process. In China's current natural gas industry, except for the three state-owned companies controlling upstream resources, the management of each company is not connected, and a unified and integrated management has not been formed in the country. Major companies produce, export and sell their own products. Therefore, the best driving force for reform should come from the enterprise itself

however, some experts believe that monopolists themselves will not break the monopoly. It was suggested that the management part should be taken out and a separate management company should be established. However, Dong Xiucheng believes that under the current situation that each management company acts in its own way, even setting up a management company nationwide is of little significance. The current situation that one enterprise occupies half of the country is difficult to solve in a short time. "China's power sector has allowed enterprises to try bidding, but now even if the natural gas pipeline is taken out, the upstream gas source is still controlled by twoorthree companies, so it is difficult to achieve bidding. Therefore, the natural gas price is the last fortress in China's traditional energy price reform system." Dongxiucheng said

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