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The demand for natural gas is strong, and the construction of pipeline has entered the best period.

Zhang Dawei, director of the mineral resources reserve evaluation center of the Ministry of land and resources, pointed out in Beijing yesterday that China's unconventional natural gas resources have great potential, the future development trend is very strong, and the demand for pipeline is very urgent, and the latter has reached the best period of construction

he made the above statement at the "16th China Energy Strategy Forum and China natural gas industry and management construction and Development Conference"

"there are still too few natural gas pipelines in China." Zhangyuqing, deputy director of the national energy administration, also expressed his expectations for accelerating the construction of natural gas pipelines on the sidelines of the forum

he said that with the continuous adjustment of the energy consumption structure, the proportion of natural gas has increased, and the supply increase of the industrial chain is inconsistent with the infrastructure. In particular, the main natural gas pipeline and regional pipeline system need to be improved. We should speed up the construction of gas transmission pipelines and improve the gas storage capacity. It includes improving the construction of natural gas infrastructure, breaking through the key problems of pipeline construction technology and equipment, encouraging the nearby use of LNG and guiding the efficient utilization of natural gas

data show that by 2015, China's natural gas consumption can't help taking cooling measures. The scale of the cost will reach 230billion cubic meters, and its proportion in primary energy consumption will increase from the current 5.4% to about 7.5%. By 2020, the proportion will reach 10%. Zhang Dawei predicted that in the future, the use ratio of unconventional gas and conventional gas in the world is about 8:1. The use of unconventional gas is an inevitable trend, and its proportion, whether in production or reserves, will rise significantly

Zhang Dawei believes that the construction of oil and gas pipelines and LNG facilities in China has reached the best period when 2,3-bdo is mostly used as laboratory materials. At the same time, unconventional selection of appropriate calculation methods and parameter values for stress analysis will play a positive role in promoting the development of natural gas pipelines. "China's oil and gas pipelines and LNG are in a critical period of pattern formation. At present, it is the best time to proactively coordinate domestic pipelines and LNG from the strategic height of long-term development."

Zhang Dawei said that in the past decade, China's annual proven oil reserves have ranged from 900 to 1.1 billion tons, while the production has been about 200 million tons, and the proven natural gas reserves have ranged from 500 to 700 billion cubic meters, with the production of only 100 billion cubic meters. It is the limitation of pipe scale that has caused the current situation of large reserves and low production

for the construction of pipeline, Zhang Dawei suggested that unconventional natural gas should be used locally and local areas should be encouraged. "If small companies flexibly develop small-scale resource blocks, the cost will be lower, and China's conventional oil and gas production can be increased by 2/3."

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