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PetroChina selected Jiatong tire, the annual tire supplier, to win the bid for the whole line again. After more than a month of competition, China stone has enabled car enterprises to bond a variety of different materials to one oil. The 2012 tire supplier bidding ended before the end of the day. In this unprecedented difficult bidding, the industry attracted a total of 19 tire manufacturers to participate in the bidding. Finally, Jiatong tire won the bid again, becoming one of the tire products suppliers of PetroChina in 2012

due to the characteristics of large purchase amount, diversified models and high requirements for tire quality, the annual tire supplier bidding of PetroChina is the focus of the tire industry every year. This year, PetroChina released six targets, including all steel radial truck tire (tubeless), all steel radial truck tire (tubeless), and bias truck tire, which attracted 19 tire manufacturers, including Jiatong tire, to participate in the bidding, with unprecedented fierce competition

quality first, successful cooperation experience gets a better impression score

this year, PetroChina has improved the grade of bid evaluation, adjusted the bid evaluation team, bid evaluation process and bid winning conditions, and put forward more stringent requirements for tire manufacturers, which greatly increases the difficulty of winning the bid

due to the special reasons of oil transportation, product quality is listed as the top priority consideration. "Brands with previous successful cooperation experience and quality verified by PetroChina in the face of severe energy and environmental challenges will get better impression points." An insider revealed. Jiatong tire won the bid for the whole line again, which confirms this view. It is understood that in the 2011 Annual tire supplier bidding of PetroChina, Jiatong tire has won the bid for the whole line. Through one-year cooperation, the quality of Jiatong tires has been widely recognized by PetroChina

only with rich product lines and excellent cost performance can we win the bid for the whole line.

this year, PetroChina issued a total of 6 standards. The types of tires purchased are very diverse, ranging from mini cars, light trucks and light passengers to trucks and passenger cars, engineering machinery and industrial vehicles, which have different requirements for tire performance. "A rich product line and excellent cost performance are essential elements for chasing the bid winning of the whole line." A tyre manufacturer participating in the bidding told

as one of the manufacturers with the most complete product line in China, Jiatong tire gained an advantage in the bidding. "In addition to the rich products and excellent quality, compared with competitive products, we have great advantages in cost performance. This is also the biggest bonus item in this bidding." The head of Jiatong tire bidding project admitted that the product line and cost performance are important factors for Jiatong to win the bid

industry experts believe that the choice of oil giant PetroChina is the best proof of tire brands and products. The pressure of law enforcement is great, and the brands that can win the bid across the board prove their strength in providing professional tire solutions for users at home and abroad

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