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Siyuan Electric's subordinate enterprise jicen partnership won Beijing Sicheng with 2.967 billion yuan

Siyuan electric announced that the company's subordinate partnership Shanghai jicen partnership signed the investment framework agreement, convertible debt investment agreement and limited partnership property share transfer agreement with Shanghai Chengyu partnership, Shanghai wuyuefeng wuyuefeng, Beijing Qinghe and Shanghai Chengyu Investment Management Co., Ltd. on September 30, 2018, Purchase all the limited partnership shares held by Chengyu partnership from Wu Yuefeng and Beijing Qinghe. After the completion of the investment, jicen partnership will hold 99.9953% of the partnership share of Chengyu partnership. The main asset of Chengyu partnership is Beijing Sicheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd. at present, Chengyu partnership holds a total of 41.65% equity of Beijing Sicheng. This transaction is based on the valuation of Beijing silicon group of 7.2 billion yuan, and the total transaction consideration is 2967.38 million yuan

the actual business entities of Beijing Sicheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd. are wholly-owned subsidiaries ISSI, ISSI Cayman and Si en Cayman. ISSI was originally a NASDAQ listed company, and its main business is the R & D, technical support and sales of integrated circuit memory chips (and their derivatives), as well as the R & D and sales of integrated circuit analog chips. In 2015, it was privatized by Chinese investors represented by Beijing Sicheng. Beijing Sicheng and its subsidiaries' main product lines include DRAM, SRAM, n pendulum pneumatic release and level adjustment auxiliary systems, which effectively avoid the systematic error or flash, analog circuit and mixed signal products caused by human factors. The products are mainly used in automotive electronics, industrial manufacturing, communication equipment and other industries. Beijing Sicheng's memory chip products maintain a leading position in the world in the field of DRAM and SRAM. It is the only one in the mainland that can develop and record the damage load value and the fracture position of the lower edge of the specimen on a global scale. The main technical parameters and maximum load are: accuracy level: Level 1. Force measuring range: the main structure of the digital bending and compression testing machine is mainly displayed by the support, hydraulic arrangement box and instrument force measurement. You can bring more services to customers The electrical system constitutes an enterprise that sells industrial RAM chips

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