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Jiannanchun, a famous Chinese liquor, has built a new anti-counterfeiting system

as the "March 15" Chinese consumer rights protection day is approaching, Jiannanchun, a famous Chinese liquor, has a new package and is listed. Anti counterfeiting measures are taken with "three important and eight passes" new technology to ensure that consumers are more assured

in the increasingly fierce market competition and the renovation of counterfeiting methods, in order to maximize the protection of consumer rights and interests, Jiannanchun Group Company took the initiative to add the latest anti-counterfeiting technology on the basis of the anti-counterfeiting of raw fiber texture, that is, the one-time destructive pull on the outer box ② nylon alloying will become the mainstream ring in the development of modified engineering plastics and the "eight passes" anti-counterfeiting technology of banknote printing. The latter is very close to the anti-counterfeiting technology of the latest version of banknotes, which adopts the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology in the world, such as thermal ink, anti copy orange, high-precision printing, offset printing, micro text, concave convex lines and so on. So far, Jiannanchun has formed a new anti-counterfeiting system of "three important and eight passes"

Qiao Tianming, chairman and general manager of Jiannanchun Group, said that with Jiannanchun's new anti-counterfeiting system, consumers can distinguish the authenticity through three query methods: Internet, and SMS

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